Christilla Nacho

A local favorite and great for sharing!  

The Hollow Pizza
Made from scratch and drizzled in honey!  When it's out, it's out! 

Our Specialties

Happy Hollow's Wood Fire Oven was handmade in Naples, Italy.  It was shipped over in one piece, then designed and tiled by the owners and friends.  

Stumbling upon a box of old pictures and books of the early days of Happy Valley, Happy Hollow was born!  The rich history of Happy Valley, formerly nicknamed "Happy Hollow" was the inspiration in creating the atmosphere of Happy Hollow Wood Fire Pizzeria.  Happy Hollow embellishes the history throughout the restaurant.  Try and find the hidden sasquatch, RKG initials, early pictures of the first settlers of Happy Valley and other images in the collage tables throughout the restaurant.  

Our Oven


Warm Cookie in a skillet, topped with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate.  Happy Ending. Yes, please. 

Moscow Mules

Spicy Mule, Blueberry Mule, Citrus Mule....just to name a few!

Our Story

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